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elongated rhombicosadodecahedron

A polyhedron you haven't
seen before



Page Notes

PageNote tooltips are a powerful, highly intuitive generalization of tooltips.

PageNote Tooltips

Using PageNote Tooltips

A brief introduction to PageNote tooltips

PageNote Balloon Tooltips

How to create page notes for images; how to create balloon page notes

Pages Using PageNote Tooltips

Origins of the Lord's Prayer

Makes creative use of two-variable skins, nested tooltip targets

A Brief History of the Lord's Prayer

Illustrates page note placement relative to a table row or relative to another page note.

Articles About PageNote Tooltips

Page Notes

At DailyJS

Advanced “Page Note” Tooltips

At Webification

Articles on Related Topics

The Mousepoint Event

The event that triggers the display of a page note

Instantiation Theory

Work that inspired and guided the embedding of tooltip annotations into tooltip skins