Jim's Immediate Family

Leland Williams, CPA

My brother Leland lives in Los Vegas, NV, with his wife, daughter, and youngest son. He is an accountant with a side interest in real estate. Leland, his daughter, and son are top-notch tennis players; his daughter will be going to Brown University. And Leland's wife is the best cook ever.

Destiny Keeton Williams

My daughter Desty lives in Foxborough, MA. Her main line of work now consists of raising my granddaughter Symphanie. Desty is fluent in Koine Greek and knows a great deal about what the New Testament once said. She has a master's from Andover Newton Theological Seminary, the very school where my father studied to become a minister. Much of her thinking these days involves high crimes and the role played by evangelical Christians.

Jameson Williams

My son Jimmy lives on Vashon Island, WA. He's a Senior Software Development Engineer at Amazon Web Services, where he's building new ways to interact with AWS from mobile devices. Have you been talking with Alexa for Android? Jimmy was on the development team. Are you feeling geeky? Check out his GitHub projects. Jimmy graduated from Lehigh University, where he majored in software engineering.

Susan Williams

My loving wife Susie, and I recently celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Her life's work is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of people with mental disorders. She has a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College, an M.D. from the University of Connecticut, and an MLS (Master's of Library Science) from Southern Connecticut State College. Susan has four children and six grandchildren - so far.

Lady Lily Blue

Our furriest family member is our Himalayan cat, Lily. She's the perfect lady, and every night, she tucks in when we go to bed. Lily recently changed her diet, decided her beautiful coat wasn't good enough, and replaced with a much furrier one. So now I comb her twice a day instead of every other day.


I love my family for many reasons, among them, their interest in progressive politicians and causes. They care very much about our earth and its many peoples.