Citations Online


The Citations Online architecture supports references that include credibility-related data as well as links to a potentially rich variety of referenced content.

The architecture features a real-time transformation that sorts the references, adorns each reference with an icon gleaned from the reference's first hyperlink, and equips each citation with a mouseover note that brings up its corresponding reference.

Readers of the transformed content see references with five elements: titles, links to representations of cited content, contributors, publishers, and dates. The titles and links come first because these are the elements seen in search engine results.

Reference examples are given in Reference Elements: Examples. Here is a labeled screenshot of a reference in the form of a mouseover note:

The Citations Online architecture is described in Citations Online: Preliminary Guide for Content Providers.

The research behind this architecture identified 28 communication needs that can be addressed by online citations and references. The identified needs drove the development, from the ground up, of two new reference formats — one for content providers and one for readers. This research is presented in the article Citations Online: Architecture Development. Its conclusion identifies crucial differences between traditional citation styles and the Citations Online architecture.

All three of these documents are self-illustrating. The reader sees not the content-provider format in which these documents are maintained, but the corresponding transformed reader's view produced by the real-time transformation algorithm.