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Content Management System Criteria – Draft 2

What makes a good CMS? The following criteria are being collected from developers, users, and potential users of CMSs. They are being collected in hopes of fostering a common sense of direction among the hundreds of CMSs that are currently … Continue reading

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A Login Plug-in

The login plug-in is a login script written as a drop-in plug-in — something that can simply be dropped into a project. It is intended as a building block for configuration management systems. This overview begins with a brief presentation … Continue reading

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Creating Web Images

Several limitations on web images combine to produce unappealing results. The most stringent is pixel density.  Images displayed on a traditional monitor have 96 pixels per inch, no matter how many mega-pixels were delivered by the camera they came from. … Continue reading

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Essential Custom Property Websites

A website whose title and subject is a property is a property website.  This is to be contrasted with an add for a broker, brokerage, or franchise that features a particular property, let’s call these latter sites featured-property websites. There are perhaps a … Continue reading

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Where to Find Stuff in WordPress 2010

  I’ve been getting acquainted with Word­Press; if you’re new to Word­Press too, this might help. The undo button. There doesn’t seem to be any, even though the Word­Press database keeps lots of backed up versions.  Preview your site frequently. … Continue reading

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