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Thoughts on how to create effective web pages. Topics include page layout, web images, and programming techniques.

“Formless” HTML Forms

Although forms are traditionally created using the HTML form element, there is a new approach that uses AJAX in place of the form element. Long story short: The new approach supports a more logical organization of code, but the auto-fill … Continue reading

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SDB: A Small-Database Language

Abstract SDB is designed for small online databases, has a JSON/PHP interface, and is implemented in PHP. This article presents the rationale for SDB, provides a link to the SDB files (, and a link to a simple demo. Also … Continue reading

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Creating Web Images

Several limitations on web images combine to produce unappealing results. The most stringent is pixel density.  Images displayed on a traditional monitor have 96 pixels per inch, no matter how many mega-pixels were delivered by the camera they came from. … Continue reading

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