Citations Online Architecture
Reference Examples


Each example element is accompanied by a citation whose mouseover note provides context. The element examples are organized according to the following order: Titles, Internet sources, authors and other contributors, publishers, and dates.



The title element consists of a title, an optional alternative title, optional version-edition information, and optional content clarifications. Consider the following title elements shown in the transformed reader view:

Yo! Yes?, multiple editions[yo-yes]
Macbeth (The Tragedy of Macbeth)[macbeth]
Badlands \[review of the film Badlands by Terrence Malick][badlands]

The first example links to a list of 26 editions listed by Good Reads. The second includes an alternative title. The third clarifies the title of a review by mentioning the film reviewed.

The Citations Online architecture allows some references to be subsidiary to others. For clarity, the mouseover note for a subsidiary reference includes the title of the corresponding root reference. Consider the following subsidiary titles and notes shown in the reader view:

Cherry Tree[George, cherry]
9.4 Four Elements of a Reference[APA, elements]
"'What's to-day, my fine fellow?' said Scrooge ..."[dickens, Christmas]


The link element gives one or more hyperlinks to representations of the referenced content. The hyperlinks are of two kinds — presentations and portrayals. Some examples:

Cherry Tree Myth. Article.[George]

The above example has a link to a presentation of the named article.

Yo! Yes?, multiple editions. Boardbook, hardcover, review.[yo-yes]

There is no online presentation of Yo! Yes? The links boardbook, hardcover, and review are all portrayal links.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Kindle eBook; vendor, book review, synopsis.[jim].

Although this eBook is available online, it is not directly available because no available URL allows a reference to link to the eBook. All of the links in this reference are portrayal links.


The contributor element is a list of authors and other contributors. Roles, biographies, and other credibility-relevant data accompany contributors. Two examples:

Matthew Childers (author, illustrator, writer; bio)[Childers]
— an author with multiple roles and a biography

American Psychological Association (about)[APA]
— a corporate author with an about page


Publishing activities are performed by publishing houses and their imprints as well as newspapers, magazines, journals, and websites. Some examples:

Globe Theatre[macbeth]
— a publisher of live performances

— an author as the publisher

— a posting platform


The date element shows how and when content was created or placed online. Some examples:

Posted 2014 August 10[monkey]
— a social media post

Published 1911, posted 2019 December 23[dickens]
— an online book with a pre-Internet publication date

Updated 2021 September 28[lung-cancer]
— an updated Wikipedia article

The date format is chosen by the content creator.

Supporting Documentation

The Citations Online architecture is described in Citations Online: Preliminary Guide for Content Creators. The research behind this architecture is presented in the article Citations Online: Architecture Development.


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