2. Configuration and Initial Operation

This section describes the minimal configuration necessary to operate the knowledge base effectively and provides tips on how to avoid corrupting the database. 

2.1 Hardware

The minimum hardware configuration for operation of the knowledge base is equal to the configuration necessary to effectively run a medium size Microsoft Access database.  A suggested configuration is:

Pentium II 133 MHz CPU or faster
64 Megabyte Memory
4 Gigabyte Hard drive
17 inch Monitor (We built the forms to be viewed on a 17" monitor.)

2.2 Operating System

The operating system can be any version of Microsoft Windows, Windows 95 or newer.

2.3 Software

The application software required to run this knowledge base is the Microsoft Access 97 or Microsoft Access 2000. Different variants of the knowledge base are required for different versions of Access.

It is advisable to install the Microsoft Access Visual Basic help tools for any development work.  (Many Microsoft Access Visual Basic modules and routines were written to support the functionality of the knowledge base.)

2.4 Setting up the Knowledge Base for Initial Operation

There are four main variants of the CC Profiling Knowledge base. All four contain the same security information and the User Guide. They differ only in the their reliance on Microsoft Office tools:

CCPKB2k.exe Requires Microsoft® Access 2000
CCPKB97.exe Requires Microsoft® Accsess 97
CCPKBrt.exe Requires Microsoft® Access 97 runtime support
CCPKB_HTML.exe    All in HTML (including the User Guide)

The MS Access runtime support that comes with CCPKBrt.exe is free, redistributable software. The version packaged with the knowledge base has been enhanced and redistributed by InstallSheild. This support software may be used by anyone, and may be redistributed by anyone with a licensed copy of Microsoft Access. It is automatically installed when you install the Access 97 version of the knowledge base, if your system does not already have Microsoft Access.

You may wish to download both the HTML version and one of the MS Access versions. In this case, we recommend that you put the two versions together as indicated below. (The hyperlinks in the documentation assume this structure, as does the knowledge base when updating reports.)

Figure 2-1.  Recommend Installation of the Knowledge Base

If you download both the knowledge base and the toolbox, we recommend that you install them as indicated at the right, so that you won't need to tell the knowledge base where the CC Toolbox is.

2.5 Suggestions on Knowledge Base Development

It is possible when editing to accidentally corrupt the knowledge base to the point where it will not open and cannot be repaired by either Access or Excel.  Those doing active knowledge base development may wish to take the following precautions:

We observed the following guidelines to minimize frequency of database corruption.